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Darrell Hill

Darnell Hill

Darnell J. “Solder Of Christ” Hill, Jr. was born February 25, 1987 in Kankakee, Illinois. His parents are Darnell and Edith Hill.Darnell was not always about following God. As a young child he was kicked out of kindergarten and caused a lot of trouble for his family. In 1993, the Hills moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Darnell continue to be mischievous and got kicked out of different schools which caused arguments between him and his parents. Eventually, Darnell got such a terrible reputation that schools called each other informing them not to let him in. At onepoint it was even unknown if Darnell would even finish grade school let alone graduate from high school where things seemed to get worse…but God!

The mother of the young lady that Darnell was dating invited him to church at Progressive Church of God in Christ where he learned about the love of God. Darnell received Jesus Christ as his personal savior. The church blessed him with his first two suits! Ultimately Darnell became a member of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Alexis Thomas. pramil viagra cialis

Darnell has lived a crazy life to be so young! At one point in life the devil had a grip on all aspects of Darnell’s life. He allowed the devil to use him as a puppet. However one faithful day God had enough came off His throne went to the deepest darkest part of hell and cut the strings off Darnell’s back. He now walks faithfully with Jesus. Although Darnell has lived a hard life he knows he has the victory with Jesus!

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“I just want to encourage my generation with my music and the gifts that God has placed in me. I want them to see that there is no age limited on when God can and will use you. You just have to be ready and prepared. That’s why I base my life and ministry from Ephesians 3:8-9. My prayer is that I be used to minister the mysteries of Christ to the nations in a way that you will understand and receive and even give your life to Christ, become sold out for
Christ and bring others to Christ in Jesus name I ask, pray, speak declare, and decree this to be done now…Amen and Praise God”.-
Darnell J. Hill Jr. – S.O.C. MINISTRIES L.L.C

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